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Morton L. Mandel Shares Business and Leadership Knowledge in His Book, “IT’S ALL ABOUT WHO”

American business entrepreneur and philanthropist, Morton Mandel shares lessons he, with his brothers, Jack and Joseph, learned upon co-founding and leading Premier Industrial Corporation, a world-wide industrial parts and electronic components distributor. Now for readers everywhere who are interested in studying leadership practices, It’s All About Who, describes Mandel’s approach to finding, recruiting and cultivating “A” players.

In his book, Mandel shares his fine-tuned set of practices to develop leaders that have proven to deliver dramatically better results. Containing sixteen core sections, It’s All About Who covers key strategic topics from “Building a Rich, Deep, and Ethical Culture” to “Killing Yourself for Your Customer” to “Using Business Ideas in the Social Sector.”

While management guru Peter Drucker believes Mandel stands along side Andy Grove and Jack Welch, some believe that’s an injustice. What makes Mandel unique is his selflessness in pursuing a life of purpose. Unlike Grove and Welch, Mandel has lived in two worlds: the world of profit and the world of social impact. Even as chairman and CEO of a New York Stock Exchange company for more than three decades, he spent as much as a third of his time in the social sector.

Mort has personally founded more than a dozen non-profit organizations.  His deep-seated passion is evident in the mission of the Mandel Foundation:  “To invest in people with the values, ability and passion to change the world.”

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